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How do I delete the trial plugins that the AudioBox 96 FORCED on my computer?

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asked Feb 4, 2021 in MyPreSonus Questions by johnschulz2 (130 points)
If I had known this company would result in this much annoyance for over two years, I would've avoided this sorry excuse of one to begin with. When I installed everything for the Audiobox, it also force downloaded 400+ trial plugins that I have yet to figure out to get rid of. At this point it is interfering with my career, on top of just storage being taken up that could be used for something else, it is pretty pathetic at this point. Again it is negatively affecting my career and getting in the way of everything. Can someone help me get rid of all these plugin files that were FORCED on my computer without my knowledge at all? I would greatly appreciate it. The last time I attempted to it about deleted everything off my computer along with it. TWO YEARS I have dealt with this and have tried figuring it out. Please help

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