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Does the Audiobox have a line level input function

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asked Jun 1, 2020 in AudioBox USB by carlthompson1 (120 points)
Hi there,

I have a blackstar amp that i'm connecting to the audiobox 96 via the emulated out on the amp (line level signal), and then out to some studio monitors. The audiobox is clipping badly and i'm assuming it's because this unit cannot handle line level signals? Is this the case? Is there a way of getting the unit to accept line level signals?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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answered Jun 1, 2020 by tothrec (31,720 points)
Combo connectors like that, assuming you are using 1/4 and not XLR, assume Instrument level, which is much lower than line level.
Any chance you can turn down the signal you are sending?
Another option would be to insert an  annenuator (pad).
They don't cost much.