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Control the Volume of the SPDIF Output using the Main Knob in the Quantum

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asked Mar 13, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by thashisho (190 points)
This is a feature request (QUANTUM):

Allow the Main Knob volume control on the QUANTUM to control the volume of the SPDIF output when main output is routed through it. Today, most monitor speakers have SPDIF-In for connecting to SPDIF outputs and it is really very annoying that you can't control the volume from the Hardware on the QUANTUM.

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answered Mar 14, 2018 by AlexTinsley (910,100 points)
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We send the signal according to the Sony Philips Digital Interface Standard (SPDIF). which requires the use of a digital attenuator to change the level of the SPDIF stream itself. It is better to attenuate the signal after the DA stage which your monitors already do. However a bit inconvenient to reach back and adjust the inputs all the time.

Consider instead to use a monitoring solution such as the PreSonus Central Station or Monitor Station v2 both of which have SPDIF input and local volume control for one or more sets of monitors.