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The audio coming in from 1-2 and 3-4 is not audible through main output

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asked Mar 6, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by marcocereda (120 points)

I just bought a studio 68C this goes into an iMac Intel Core running Catilina 10.15

Plugged my Fractal FM3 into in's 1-2 and my rack into in's 3-4. Linked my Presonus Eris E5 into main out L/R. Played first chord and...nothing !! no sound is coming through the monitors, vmeters showing the audio is coming in, but no sound. I tried recording with Logic and it works, I was able to record and playback what I recorded through the monitors, but still nothing can be heard from in's 1-2 3-4.

Any other audio source from the Mac is played back through the MAIN's

If I switch the Mon function on, then I can hear but it's coming out MONO !

I tried every configuration I could but still no success.

Please come back asap, still having 5 days to return this back


Best Regards


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