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Why would Automation not work when I had no previous issues with using automation

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asked Feb 17 in Studio One 5 by cecilduke (130 points)
After writing a fade using automation, when I switch to read, the master fader does not read the fade.  This happens periodically with the master fader.  What could be causing this?

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answered Feb 20 by tothrec (17,300 points)
Really hard to say with the limited information provided.

And to be clear, you don't write a fade using automation.  You *create* automation events so the fader moves automatically, right?

That said, I haven't had any issue with periodic failure of automation.  You can enable/disable it.  Perhaps you are accidentally hitting that shortcut?

If you go into Keyboard Shortcuts and search for automation, you'll see that hitting the J key toggles Read.

That's my best guess.