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Has anyone had issues with BBCSO not running right on Studio One?

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asked Jun 20, 2021 in Studio One 5 by terrelharper (310 points)

Good Day, I'm having an issue with the BBC Orchestra in Studio One Artist. 

The plugin opens black and takes a long time to open. When it does open, it works for a little then freezes. As it freezes, I can see the screen jittering. It makes Studio One stop working and I have to close it with the task manager. What's weird is, the orchestral plugin works in Reaper and Ableton Live Lite perfectly. Labs also opens in Studio One perfectly as well but the orchestra is an issue. Studio One is primary daw so I've been trying to get this working.

I tried repairing and optimizing the plugin but same ending result. I'm using Windows 10, Studio One Artist 5.2.

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answered Jun 20, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,880 points)
I'm running Enterprise with S1 Pro and I have my issues with BBCSO. Slow loading is one fo them, but it doesn't take long for the plugin pop up (although it did take a few seconds before I upgraded my cpu and ram.)

I only get the jitter when I'm resizing a window and after a few seconds it stops at the new size.

Your pic has nothing selected, so it looks  like mine does when I haven't loaded anything.

But I will say I haven't used Ableton Lite but I have used Reaper and it has a much smaller footprint then S1. And the Labs stuff typically uses much less RAM. I have no idea your system specs but it sounds like you could be getting close to a limit. The RAM usage reported by S1 in task manager isn't right when BBCSO is loaded -- look at total used RAM (I've gone back and forth with support, you can increase some settings that would increase RAM usage and the total RAM use goes down [it empties GBs of RAM that don't show where they are located in taskmanager but shows in the total] until you reload the project -- I couldn't open a project due to out of memory errors after I figured that out.)

When all is said and done, no I don't really have the issues you do but I have other issues.
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answered Jun 20, 2021 by wbqltuuk (1,590 points)
I don't have issues with the plugin, on Studio One 5 Artist in W10 Home. Not even slow loading.

I have 12GB of RAM, though, and SSD. It can be CPU intensive, since it's basically a big sampler. Yet if you say others DAWs have no issues, that's weird. Are you using the VST 2 64bit, or VST3 64bit version?  

The only issues I have is with the HUB inside S1. Their support and download section is broken for a long time and it doesn't get fixed by PreSonus, even when there are lots of signals from users. Installing BBCO keyswitches from that, is a disaster.
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answered Aug 19, 2021 by pl (170 points)

yes, I've had the same issue when I was running BBC SO on my laptop with Studio One 5 Professional.

I have tried many things including updating both BBC SO and Studio One, reinstalling them, reparing, etc - nothing helped.

At a certain point I realized that it's probaby a graphic interface issue and what seemed to eventually work for me was going to Windows Resolution settings and changing the Scaling ("Change the size of text, apps and other items") from 125% to 100%.

For some strange reason now BBSO launches perfectly under Studio One 5.

Hope this helps.