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Serial Key was stolen, I therefore can't receive support for my 26c. My audio input doesn't work in Windows 10

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asked Feb 18, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by mikakopplin (120 points)
I tried to get support but it isn't possible because I can't register my Studio 26c. The serial number was probably stolen. I bought this 15.05.2020 on Thomann. I tried to register it back then but I didn't really care when it didn't work because I don't have a use for Studio One. But now my Audio input doesn't work and I can't receive support because my Serial was claimed. I actually feel insulted by this company for getting this serial.

I already tried fixing it through the audio privacy settings but it doesn't work. I only get any input audio when I use it in my DAW (Mic/Inst/Line...). In other applications, such as Discord there is no audio input at all. Not even Windows itself shows any audio signal incoming. Even though there is a peak on the Studio 26c and I can even record in my DAW. So how come there is no signal in Windows and no signal in any other application?

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