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Page Down Skip /Page Up Skip does not work inside a Macro

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asked Feb 19 in Mixing by richardlederer1 (2,450 points)
edited Feb 19 by richardlederer1
I have linked the functions "Page Down Skip / Up Skip" with the keys Alt + Left Arrow / Alt + Right Arrow in order to be able to switch my plugin tabs in the effect window and its works - however, only when the effect window is in focus. That's why I created a macro which first calls "Toggle floating windows" to set the focus on the plugin window and then the command "Page Down Skip" - but this macro has no effect. Even after I removed "Toggle floating windows" from the macro, and it only contained "Page Down Skip", I could no longer switch between the plugin windows with this macro. Why does a macro with only one command behave differently than the command itself, and how can I solve this problem?

At this point I would like to mention again, that none of this would be necessary for me if Studio One would remember the last selected insert-effect tab when closing the song and preselecting it when the song is restarted. Then I wouldn't have to repeatedly select the tab while navigating through the tracks in the mixer, after each song that I need 90% of the time (EQ Pro). That would be much more practical and time-saving than repeatedly navigating to the desired tab.

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