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Please add a Show Related Tracks feature/shortcut

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asked Oct 16, 2023 in Mixing by dotcom12161984 (4,340 points)
What i want:  Unlink mix and track list visibility (can do), select a bus channel in mix window and use a "show related tracks" shortcut to show JUST the tracks related to the selected bus channel or channels in the arrange window.  I have work around for this, but it requires more effort than this feature would.  This way i could quickly go from mix console views showing just bus and fx and if i need to change the level of a channel within the busses i could just use the show related channels shortcut to quickly change a fader level if needed.  I just like feeling less claustrophobic in 100 plus track sessions.  This also makes automation easier and less congested.  oh btw please add automation capability to the editor window.

I mix and match workflows, one workflow includes me having only my FX and Busses show in my console mix window and then i show the audio tracks i'm working on in the arrange window as well as any FX i want to automate.  I love using the show related channels feature, but if there were a show related tracks feature, i could essentially edit a bus in the mix window, and use this shortcut to show all the tracks related to the bus channel in my arranger window.  As of now i'm only aware of the vice versa....i can have a bus in the arrange window and select show related channels (with tracks and mix visibility unlinked) and it will show the channels related to the bus in the mix console and if i have them linked it will show the related tracks/channels in both arrange and mix window.

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answered Oct 16, 2023 by dotcom12161984 (4,340 points)
also can we have a shortcut for link visibility of track list and console