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Why Does Universal Control Say Version 1.6.5x for Universal Control 1.7.x on Mac?

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asked Apr 10, 2015 in Classic Mixers by mconrad (1,770 points)
On Mac OSX, the Universal Control installer package version is 1.7.x, but the driver itself is not internally labeled as "1.7.x" when you look at "About Universal Control". It lists instead 1.6 and then a slightly incremented build number and the build date. Why is this?

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answered Apr 10, 2015 by mconrad (1,770 points)
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The following errors exist in the version information for Universal Control on OSX:

- Universal Control 1.7 shows as 1.6.5451 (Nov 7 2012)

- UC 1.7.1 shows as 1.6.5460 (Dec 12 2012)

- UC 1.7.2 shows up as 1.6.5485 (Sep 6 2013)

This is a Known Issue, and these version numbers report incorrectly in OSX