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Why am I getting incorrect drum sounds from EZdrummer when adding notes using the S1 Midi Editor?

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asked Feb 20 in Studio One 4 by shannonboggs (280 points)
retagged Feb 24 by shannonboggs

UPDATE - 20201-02-24: This problem may be within EZDrummer 2. I created a simple 2-measure midi file in S1 midi editor, containing only F#2 cymbal "Mute Hits", and exported the midi as a test.mid file. I then dragged test.mid from Windows Explorer into a free-standing instance (not in S1) of EZDrummer 2. I set the playback loop for the length of the track, and began playback. When switching kits during playback, the correct "Mute Hit" sound is played for the first 1-3 hits, then it switches to an "open cymbal" until switching kits (which you can do while playing the loop continuously).


I am using Studio One 4.6 and EzDrummer 2.

When I add a note in the S1 midi editor, to midi that I have created in EZDrummer2, it does not trigger the same sample as the other notes for that note. In the example below, I have used F#2.

If I: 

  1. create a midi file in EzDrummer
  2. save it
  3. using Windows Explorer, drag that new midi file into an S1 instrument track with EzDrummer as the output for the track. 

It will:

  1. F#2 midi produces a "Mute Hit" on Cymbal #1. It sounds like it did when creating the midi in EZD2.

Let's say that I want to add another "Mute Hit". This is F#2, shown in the image below:

In the S1 midi editor, I draw in that note in the F#2 "lane" . When I play it back, I would expect to hear a "Mute Hit": 

But when I play back, I hear a different cymbal sample, which rings out. Further, this is not the "16" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash" cymbal at all - the timbre of the cymbal is completely different, nor it does not sound like "Crash" E2 in the first image above, just to be clear. It is unrelated.

The F#2 notes from the original midi still have the correct sound. 

Does anyone understand why this happens, or if there is a workaround for quickly adding a note in the midi editor (resulting in the expected sample)?

Thanks in advance! - Shannon

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