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How do I hide the "Mix" sliders and reveal the actual scrolling tracks on Studio One Remote? (Android and Windows)

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asked Feb 21, 2021 in Studio One 5 by roberttrede (3,150 points)
retagged Feb 21, 2021 by roberttrede


I am using the Studio One Remote app on my Android phone to control Studio One 5 Professional on my Windows laptop. S1 Remote seems to work OK but I can't figure out how to do something very simple. Here is the issue:

On S1 Remote, I want to hide the "Mix" sliders on S1 Remote and display the actual tracks scrolling by (including my Arranger Track), just like on the desktop app when I toggle "Mix" off. How do I do that? No matter what I do, I cannot hide the mix sliders to show the actual tracks scrolling by.

Here is how S1 Remote always looks (in this regard):

I want to get rid of the Mix sliders and view the actual tracks, like this view of my desktop. This is the view I'm trying to get with S1 Remote.

How to I do that? No matter what I try on S1 Remote, I can't seem to be able to view the actual scrolling tracks.

Thank you! 

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answered Feb 21, 2021 by tothrec (31,660 points)
It appears that the feature you are requesting has not yet been implemented.

Can you add the "Feature Request" tag to your post so we can vote on it?
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answered Feb 22, 2021 by roberttrede (3,150 points)


Thank you for your kind and timely reply. I did as you suggested and added both "feature request" and "studio one feature request" as tags.

I'm a little surprised this ability to view the "flowing tracks/layers" isn't already part of the app. As I am alone in my little studio, I need the visual information right in front of me (not on the computer across the room) as I am recording my guitar playing. The only way to visually see where I am in the song is to be able to see the recordings (and my Arranger track) flowing by while I am playing. 

Thanks again for your kind suggestion. I hope other "solo recording artists" will vote to have this included in future releases.

Stay safe, my friend!