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FaderPort (2018) & Studio One Remote Won't Trigger Mute Indicators On Instrument Tracks In Arranger View

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asked Jan 11, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by davinwv (150 points)

When I attempt to mute an Instrument Track/Channel in Studio One v4 via both my Faderport (2018) and the Studio One Remote app for Android, the Instrument Track/Channel will mute fine, but the mute indicator on the Instrument Track in the Arranger View will not light up in the Studio One Artist UI (The mute indicator on the Instrument Channel in the Console does light up).

Support has stated that this behavior is intentional; however, I find it somewhat odd that the status of Instrument Tracks/Channels soloed via the Fadetport and the Remote app sync across both the Arranger and Console views as expected, while mute status does not (shows in Console, but not in Arranger). 

I am on Windows 10 x64. Studio One v4, UC, Faderport firmware, and Android app are all updated to latest versions. 

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