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Unable to correct audio record delay

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asked Feb 22 in Studio One 5 by nerf (270 points)

Audio problem. I sent strictly quantized notes to an external synth over USB midi via an industrial midi hub.I recorded the audio coming back and it seems way late. Around 20-30ms I think. You can see it in the second picture. Audio block size is 32samples, process block size is 2048. What am I missing here?

2019 Mac Mini 16G Ram, 10 TB FW SSD external. Catalina. S1 5.1.1, all firmware current

1 Answer

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answered Feb 23 by tothrec (17,330 points)
Select the track

Open the Inspector (F4)

See the "Delay" setting in the top section, about seven down from the top.

Set it to -10 or however many milliseconds of delay there is/are between the output of Studio One and the returned signal from your synth.