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Can I Record with Three Microphones in Studio One v5?

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asked Feb 23 in Studio One 5 by abrahamwilson (160 points)
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in the past I've had no problem recording with multiple mics, but recently it has stopped working for me. I have all my mics all plugged in on the AudioBox and have verified they work, but when I try to record in Studio One, I cannot get Studio One to recognize the third mic (e.g. if I have the Mono mic located in line 1 and my stereo pair in 3 & 4, then Studio One will recognize lines 1 & 3, but if I have the stereo pair in line 1 & 2 and the mono in line 3, Studio One will only recognize lines 1 & 2). How do I set up Studio One 5 / my AudioBox to record with 3 mic lines?


I use the audiobox 1818 VSL

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answered Feb 23 by tothrec (17,300 points)
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My AudioBox only has two channels.  Which model do you have?  Do you have a link to the specs where they indicate that it supports more than two input channels?
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answered Feb 24 by colinotoole (7,730 points)
Of course you can. With an 1818VSL, you can record up to 8 microphones simultaneously. Is your 'audio i/o set up' correct ('Studio One' menu tab > 'Options')? The most straightforward way would be for each input on the 1818VSL (vsl 1, vsl 2, vsl 3, etc.) to be assigned to separate corresponding inputs in Studio One (mic/inst 1, mic/inst 2, mic/inst 3, etc). Then, in your song, make three tracks and set the inputs with the drop down menu to, say, vsl 1, vsl 2 and vsl 3 respectively (or whatever inputs you have your microphones connected to). Pan two of the tracks for the stereo microphone.