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How come nothing is recording when my son speaks into the mic?

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asked Jul 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by levikeehler (120 points)
My son has been using Studio One 5 for about a month and for some reason today nothing is recording when he speaks into the mic. He has the track he uses to record set to the right input that the mic is plugged into on the audio interface, he has the record button on on the track he uses to record, but for some reason, when he speaks into the mic, nothing is picking up or recording. Why could this be? If anyone knows why this could be the case or know how to help me and my son out I would appreciate it if we could have some help. Thank you.

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answered Jul 14, 2021 by rionquiroz1 (4,280 points)
Hey did you guys ever figure it out? if not shoot me an email [email protected] id be glad to help in anyway i can :)