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Low Level Hum From Woofer

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asked Feb 23 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by mikecatalano (120 points)
Hello So I just Installed my New Eris E7XT  and Im hearing a Low Level Constant  Hum

This is present on any outlet in the home It seems to be some kind of ground Hum or mains Transformer  I have verified that all my outlets are well grounded so this should not be the issue

If I connect XLR to my system it is the Same no RF or EMI interference just the same Low Level hum which i suspect is from the transformer, to me this is not acceptable  as i do use them to mix and i mix at low level

is this a inherent design flaw or its a defective pair ?

if it is normal i will request a refund and purchase something else

thank you

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answered Feb 24 by robertweston2 (690 points)
Sounds like a ground-loop issue.  Try using a ground-lift XLR cable.  Make sure power cables and XLR cables are NOT running parallel to each other.