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Is there a recommended fix for the Eris E8 hum?

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asked Jun 30 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by charlesmollet (120 points)
I've owned a pair of Eris E8 for several years and enjoy their sound.   Having made music in a London flat during this period of use I've recently relocated to a studio space that is not polluted by fridge, street and general background city sounds.

I noticed a hum since i first used them but only when very close (ear next to woofer), in a sealed studio it's clear the monitors emit a constant hum and high frequency noise, standalone (unplugged from any audio source).
I've tried the monitors in other plug sockets away from the studio, different power cables etc, the hum is ever present.

There are many unanswered comments and reviews online (both on this site and elsewhere) regarding this hum on the E8 that seem identical to what i've experienced since purchasing.  But no clear response or answers that i've seen.  

I would really appreciate understanding if this hum/noise known to affect some or all units and if there are any known resolutions to this issue.   I suspect my guarantee is long gone so any insight into current repair options (if any) with an authorised engineer in the UK would be really helpful.  I want to keep using them!

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