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Is it possible to use a faderport 16 as a controller for a SL 32 III Rack- Mixer?

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asked Feb 24, 2021 in FaderPort 16 by bernardmeulman (130 points)
We need a device, other than a computer or iPad, to controle a SL 32 series III Rack Mixer. Our sound engineer want to move faders instead of a mouse. Is it possible a faderport 16 would do the job?

Thank you,

Bernard Meulman

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answered Mar 31, 2021 by seanmarholm (560 points)
I am guessing, after reading this:

that the answer is YES

I want to built a rack that I can use:

A) LIVE/REHEARSALS WITH MY BAND as a stage box + internal monitoring system + sequence player with SL 32 III Rack + a dedicated computer with Studio One in Show Page to use plugins, instrument libraries and FX and go mostly "all digital". I would save CPU power by using SL32R's DSP EQs, Compressors, Preamps, etc.

B) IN THE STUDIO as my main audio interface, where I would be using a Faderport 16 to control both the SL32R and Studio One 5.

Next step would be to build another rack fit with a Studio Live 32SC board for our mixing engineer in FOH, using the stage 32R rack as a stage box, and both in total sync with the Studio One in the stage rack.

So yeah, I would also love to know if this is possible.


Sean Marholm
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answered Mar 30, 2022 by raphaelcartellier (160 points)
Hi, so did anybody got the answer to this question ?

Can we use faderport 16 as a remote for Studiolive 32R ?

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answered Jun 19, 2023 by johnskinner2 (210 points)
Even thought there is a link to another thread that looks like the answer is assumed to be “Yes”, the linked thread does not mention anything about controlling a StudioLive Series iii console with a Faderport device. It only mentions that the StudioLive Series iii AND a Faderport can both control the Studio One software DAW at the same time. This is different from having a Faderport controlling a StudioLive series iii console, like in a live situation.