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Can you use Faderport 16 (or 8) with Studiolive 32 mixers

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asked Jul 8 in FaderPort 16 by douglassherriff (130 points)
Can someone please let me know whether you can use both the StudioLive32 Series 3  (blue version which I already own) and a Faderport 16 (or 8)  simultaneously to control studio one. I.e both running in DAW mode controlling the same instance of S1. I know it sounds overkill but would really help having both as an integrated system due to the shape of my room and positioning of my keyboards. Aware that I could probably use an iPad over Universal Control however I'd rather use physical sliders.  If it is possible I'm presuming they would have to show the same bank of sliders at the same time.  

I also would like to switch the Faderport over at times into MIDI CC mode for controlling Kontakt whilst leaving the Studiolive running DAW mode.

Whilst I've been able to achieve the former using a Korg Nanokontrol Studio, I find that's too unstable which I think is due to it not having it's own power supply and connecting via bluetooth.

I've searched this forum and the general internet however can't find any answers to this.  Running a Windows 10 system and Studio One 4.5 Professional.


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