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Regarding and instrument track, how do the various controls for velocity interrelate - or do they?

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asked Feb 25, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jerryconnolly (1,180 points)
In exploring the various features available for editing velocity of an instrument track or event I have encountered six different controls and I am wondering how they are different and if and how they interact or function independently of each other.  Here are the control options I have encountered:

1.  Track Inspector Velocity setting

2.  Event Inspector Velocity setting

3.  Music Editor Inspector Default Velocity setting (at the top)

4.  Music Editor Inspector Velocity setting (near the bottom)

5.  Contextual instrument track menu (R-click on an instrument track and go to Velocity...). There are 3 options here (Add, Multiply and Set all to)

6.  Contextual instrument event menu (R-click on an instrument event such as a note and go to Velocity...).  This reveals the same menu as in #5.

I would greatly appreciate some help in understanding how these various controls can be most effectively used to creatively manage velocity in an instrument track.  Thanks so much in advance.

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