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quantum 2626 Latency

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asked Feb 26, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by robertomeola (200 points)
edited Feb 26, 2021 by robertomeola
Is the quantum 2626  2ms latency at 32 samples buffer and 44.100?

How much is it at 128 samples of buffer?

thank you
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answered May 27, 2021 by kendallmiles1 (490 points)

Here are my latency figures from Ableton. However, I have many issues with stability of the device. Will update after my ticket with presonus is complete.

(Buffer size 32) - overall latency:  2.72ms, input latency: .91ms, output latency: 1.81ms

(Buffer size 64) - overall latency: 3.45ms, input latency: 1.63ms, output latency: 1.81ms

(Buffer size 128) - overall latency: 6.35ms, input latency: 3.08ms, output latency: 3.27ms

(Buffer size 256) - overall latency: 12.2 ms, input latency: 5.99ms, output latency: 6.17ms

(Buffer size 512)- overall latency: 23.8ms, input latency: 11.8ms, output latency: 12ms

(Buffer size 1024)- overall latency: 47ms, input latency: 23.4ms, output latency: 23.6ms

(Buffer size 2048)- overall latency: 93.4ms, input latency: 46.6ms, output latency: 46.8ms