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Add WASAPI low latency mode

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asked Jan 2, 2023 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by grantkim (340 points)
edited Jan 2, 2023 by grantkim

Please add a support for WASAPI low latency mode.

The new IAudioClient3 can reach latency below 10ms in shared mode.

With this, I found I can reach minimum 2.7ms of latency with no single jitter. This is a huge improvement without ASIO compatible audio interface or WASAPI exclusive mode.

Especially if you are going for a remote session with your laptop this low latency is a huge gain. Just like Apple's Core Audio.

To test this you will need:

1. Microsoft default audio driver - This means the default USB Audio 2.0 driver or default HD audio driver from Microsoft. Almost every third-party drivers does not support this low latency mode. Even PreSonus 1824c doesn't support this mode. They are locked in 10ms.

2. Select WASAPI (Low latency mode) in standalone instruments. (mostly instruments built with latest JUCE library supports this. If you don't see this find something else)

3. Play a note. There are significant difference in the low latency mode.

Here is an example that instrument support WASAPI low latency mode. (UVI falcon)

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