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How do I assign separate Notion staves to separate channels in a VST?

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asked Mar 4 in Notion by ulrichburke (120 points)
Dear Anyone.  

I'm a total NOOB in both Notation and Kontakt so please be gentle with the replies

Pretend I've got - say - 8 different instruments selected in Kontakt. Each one is on its own channel.  The ST - I don't know what ST MEANS in Kontakt nor can I find anything that tells me, I'm mentioning it incase it's important - is 1 on all 8 instruments but the channels are 1 to 8.  I now want  to set up 8 staves in Notion so there's one stave going to each instrument in the same instance of Kontakt.  I can do it so I can have 8 instances of Kontakt with 1 instrument in each, and there's 1 track in Notion going to each instance of Kontakt but I don't want to do that.  I want to utilise Kontakt's multitimbrality.

How do I route Notion staves onto different channels so that they're accessing the different instruments in a single instance of Kontakt? I've found something in Notion saying 'External MIDI' and that's got channels in it but that doesn't seem to work, if I select Channel 2 in that it doesn't play the instrument on Channel 2 in Kontakt, and so on.

Help!?!  Yes, I know I should be able to find this in the manual but I can't despite having searched the darned PDF!! Manually searched it.  I've probably seen it without realising I HAD just seen the answer!

Feeling incredibly stupid, yes, anyone tell me how to do it?

Yours hopefully


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