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Is it safe to use a TS connector on a line output of the Presonus Quantum 2626?

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asked Mar 6, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by Xinsomniac237X (120 points)
Hi there,

Potentially stupid question, but I haven't seen this question explicitly answered anywhere for any of presonus' audio interfaces.
Is it safe to plug a TS connector instead of a TRS to the Impedance Balanced Line Outputs of the Quantum 2626, making an unbalanced connection to an input.

I am asking for a specific scenario, in which a headphone amp has an input for a Stereo Unbalanced TRS connector, and I would need to connect that to a pair of Line Outputs acting as a stereo out, using a Y cable, 2 TS to single TRS. I have read for StudioLive mixers, that because their line outputs are Impedance Balanced, that the output safely detects whether you are plugging a balanced or unbalanced connection, and adjusts accordingly.

Is this also true for the Quantum 2626?



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