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5.2 Keyswitch Regression

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asked Mar 10, 2021 in Studio One 5 by simonkrajewski (240 points)


after upgrading to Studio One 5.2, I noticed that some of my keyswitches (now sound variations) no longer work. Here's a screenshot to help explain the situation:

That 5 keyswitch is supposed to activate pattern 5 on the Electric Sunburst, but the thing remains stuck on pattern 1. I've checked to make sure that the two events don't overlap.

Also, I noticed that if I group these two events, both keyswitches simply disappear:

This occurs in several, but not all places. I can't figure out what would be special about these, and well, it used to work before upgrading.

Any help would be appreciated because I'm already paranoid of surprise trumpet sforzandos.



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answered Mar 11, 2021 by simonkrajewski (240 points)

I investigated this a bit more but didn't really find anything. It's like some events are just cursed. However, I managed to isolate the keyswitch disappearance behavior into a minimal project:

Just mark the one event there, hit G and observe how the keyswitch disappears.

I suspect that this and the keyswitches not doing anything are symptoms of the same underlying problem, whatever that may be.

Thank you!