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Clips disappeared and tempo changed

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asked Mar 11, 2021 in Studio One 5 by alinawolny (200 points)
I was working with one song for 2 weeks, recorded, audio, did editing work, inserted some plugins. Now I'm opening it again and all audio clips have disappeared. All audio files are in "Media" folder, as usually, but session is almost empty. All recorded files appear in "Pool" window, but they cannot be dragged back to tracks. Audio clips are gone in session, only MIDI stayed in its place.

What's more, tempo has changed to 10 BPM and all pan knobs are adjusted to 100R and all faders went down to -oo

It all happened automatically. After coming back to studio i found all this mess.

Backups form "History" folder also don't work. They have the same problem as main session file.

How can I fix this? Does it require installing studio one again or what?

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answered Mar 12, 2021 by martinhalldin (760 points)
selected Mar 17, 2021 by alinawolny
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I had this exact issue with a plugin called Convology XT. Worked loads on a project; recording and editing, mixing and mastering. Then after loading that one plugin the project became corrupt like it did for yours.

So far all I've managed to do is to open a new blank project with an empty track and load one plugin at a time, closing and reopening the project again and again to sort out which exact plugin caused the corruption. Eventually the same happenes to this new temp project and you can then uninstall whatever plugin is causing this crash. Sadly I've gotten no response from the presonus team on how to restore a project after this has happened, but that's a start anyhow! I'm sure the team at presonus are working on fixing this for the future! :)
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answered Mar 17, 2021 by alinawolny (200 points)

Thank you so much!!!!!

That's it. I have Convology XT which causes these problems. Unfortunetely that's my favourite reverb plugin, but anyway you helped me a lot! Thanks once again!