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Could Impact XT Be Updated To Include Drag and Drop Functionality for MIDI Files?

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asked Mar 14, 2021 in Patterns by (2,860 points)

My goal for this update request is speeding up the MIDI pre-production workflow for loop based recording. I recently purchased a new Arturia KeyLab MKII 88 Black Edition MIDI keyboard. I needed an all-in-one solution with weighted keys and drawbars/faders, etc. I am also trying to get away from using my hardware Roland XP-60 workstation keyboard as a MIDI controller. Although I love it, it's capabilities are very limited compared to present day offerings. What keeps me on the fence is the fact that I am currently unable to do RPS (rhythm pattern sequencing) via MIDI in Studio one.

I am a multi-instrumentalist with masterful performance dexterity on each instrument I play. I also studied music in college, which has allowed me to be fluid in all musical genres. As a result, I am able to produce music in every genre. However, when writing, songs tend to come to me in big incomplete chunks. I rarely get a finished musical arrangement or song all at one time. They tend to come to me in pieces/sections. So, I often start several songs all at once, take a break, and come back to finish them later.

When I am producing sample-based music (i.e. rap, hip hop, house, EDM), what sets me apart from others is that I tend to copy my entire musical arrangement to several keys, usually a full octave, and transpose each key accordingly. I can then not only manually "stutter" playback of my entire MIDI arrangement/pattern in real-time, in any key with no loss of audio quality or noticeable time stretch whatsoever, because the audio is still coming from a MIDI instrument! Something similar can currently be accomplished with audio tracks using Impact XT. However, transposed audio samples don't always yield a desirable result. So, the upgrade I'm proposing would add audio flexibility to MIDI tracks via Impact XT.

The specific aspects I'm looking for are: being able to simply drag and drop a MIDI instrument's piano roll and combine it with an unlimited number of other MIDI and/or audio tracks on a single pad; allow sampled MIDI/audio information on each pad to be transferred; right click the Impact XT keypad to transpose choose your MIDI assignment, including options to assign each MIDI file to its own VST instrument and/or MIDI channel, and options to assign each audio output to either a new or existing mix bus upon dragging it to Impact XT. I would also like Impact XT to be able to detect whether the file I'm dragging to it is a MIDI or audio file and present output assignment options accordingly.

When recording the MIDI notation that triggers the Impact XT’s pads, I would still like the captured real-time performance to be represented as MIDI data on an instrument channel’s piano roll, because doing so allows me to go back and quantize the notation as needed. I would like options to render the resulting piano roll MIDI information "in place" and be output as either audio or MIDI, which would essentially convert the captured Impact XT MIDI information to audio. However, if rendering to MIDI (for the purpose of printing the resulting MIDI notation). I would also like the option to unpack the resulting compacted Impact XT MIDI piano roll to an aggregate MIDI track. I would also like to have an option to explode individual MIDI channels and/or instruments to their own instrument tracks. If, for some reason, audio and MIDI can’t be combined on the same Impact XT pad, I would ask that we be allowed to be able to trigger 2 separate pads simultaneously by note assignment.

Although the need for MIDI phrase triggering from Impact XT may not be as prevalent for all musical genres, I'm sure it will supercharge the production workflow for anyone that works with artists that are creating loop-based productions. Multi-instrumentalists also like having more MIDI options at their disposal. Completing this Studio One request will make Studio One the most sought after of all DAWs!

Thank you for your consideration - J

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answered Mar 16, 2021 by (2,860 points)
Wow, 61 views so far and no votes(?)! Please copy the link to this page before you login. After you login, paste it into the address bar in your browser and click the login button at the bottom of this page to vote.

If you think this idea is at all useful, please login and give it a vote up (using the up arrow on this page). Doing so will give this idea a chance to be included in the next Studio One update.

Thanks again for your help everyone!
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answered Apr 6, 2021 by (2,860 points)
I believe this will be a success as I am sure I am not the only producer that is trying to get away from using their old MIDI workstation keyboard. I have lots of music that has been recorded and formatted to my workstation. It would be great to be able to simply slave my workstation and use Studio One's MIDI time clock control to record an entire MIDI arrangement, then easily split the various aspects of the recorded MIDI information up using filters, as I would on my workstation.

I want to clarify that I'm requesting the initially recorded MIDI information appear on the original Impact XT piano roll as it always has. However, I am also requesting the option to be able extract/explode the raw recorded MIDI information to other existing MIDI instrument tracks using specific filters like: VST instrument, MIDI channel, and/or velocity. These options would continue to build on Studio One's current note number assignment (explode) filter option that is currently offered.

Feel free to respond/reply/answer with any other suggestions for this requested upgrade. I believe it will be a really big help to have this option in real-time as described.
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answered Sep 25, 2021 by Terry50 (210 points)
Are you  kidding me??    This would be an awesome upgrade to Studio One.   Not only does it open up the world of MIDI;  but Studio One would be the only program doing this.   Presonus will show the world why they are number ONE in innovation.   Beginners and advanced producers would love it........

IMPACT  could now send midi info to any instrument.....   WOW
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answered Feb 6, 2022 by martyc1 (1,830 points)
You can do it now. It renders a wav form of the midi sample into the pad.
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answered Jun 1, 2022 by (2,860 points)
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 @martyc1   MIDI and audio files are definitely not the same. If you're satisfied with your current limitations, there is no need to comment on this request. There are a long list of inherent limitations that come with limiting music to audio or MIDI. One of the main benefits of utilizing MIDI for instrumentation is being able to not only add effects, as you can with audio, but also being able to altogether change your choice of instrumentation and/or layer sounds after the initial recording, without having to punch in for another take. 

Being a multi-instrumentalist, I work fluently with both audio and MIDI files. Having a solid computer also allows me to facilitate both options. Others have already indicated they would find this feature beneficial as well. So, in the interest of boosting workflow efficiency, I am requesting to have this option available for both audio and MIDI. 

Please be aware that this IS a request for the ADDITION of a NEW feature that would give Studio One an edge over other choices that are currently available. I don't know of any other DAW that currently offers this capability - and if one does, why doesn't Studio One have it? 

Making this feature a reality would really benefit Presonus users and would push Presonus even further ahead, as an already established forerunner in the field of music production.

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answered Nov 26, 2022 by (2,860 points)
I did some checking to see whether or not any other DAW currently has a real-time MIDI song arrangement tool. As it turns out, Ableton has a watered down version of my feature request. The feature is found in the "Arranger View" section of their DAW:

Having seen Ableton's Arranger View video, I'm excited to learn than that my request isn't as impossible as some might think. After all, this feature has been around since at least the 90's for workstation MIDI keyboard owners, which is why I'm so surprised it hasn't become as common place with DAW pre-production workflows as it is with stand alone keyboards.

It's even more interesting to know that this MIDI triggered song arrangement feature is usually what separates "keyboard synthesizers" from "keyboard workstations". I often feel the term "workstation" is used loosely when it comes to digital audio recording software.

However, knowing Presonus to be a very competitive forerunner in the field of audio production, which is why I have invested in their products, I'm interested to see how this suggestion will be brought to fruition. I imagine coding may have to be revisited, with new options for additional song pages or something similar to get this working smoothly. Maybe the song page will have a patterns drop down added with the ability to trigger various song page patterns from some sort of new MIDI trigger / sampler menu with additional options for QUERTY playback and triggering to keep the experience tactile and musical feeling, even when we're not sitting in front of a musical keyboard..

Ever since I left multitrack tape and started embracing in-the-box recording, I have been in search of what I consider a "true digital audio workstation" - one that works as fast as I can dream. I've since learned the DAW software I use, is ultimately the key to turning my "digital" laptop into a 'dream recording "station"' that I can use to to get my "audio" "work" done.

Lastly, a note for those reading this feature: even if you don't see yourself making immediate use of this feature, give it a +1 just for reading and understanding how it can benefit someone that decides to start using this feature in their pre-production workflows. This should be standard for all DAW's. Ableton's Arranger View isn't even as robust as the feature I'm presenting. I don't use all of Studio One's features, but that doesn't mean I won't in the feature. So, consider the fact that, If you don't vote for its creation, you may never get the chance to try it out - and it's really worth trying out :')

Thanks for reading and thank you for your consideration!