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How do I add MIDI CC#x value y at position z inside an event?

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asked Mar 16, 2021 in Studio One 5 by cm71 (160 points)
I'm currently testing Studio One in the hope of finding a replacement for Cubase, which is really too bloated, inconsistent, full of bugs and regressions.

I need to write certain MIDI controllers, of a certain value, to specific locations within an event. I can see how to do this for pitch bend, after touch and modulation (CC#1), I can't see how to do it for the other MIDI controllers. How am I supposed to add an automation line for, say, MIDI controller #2?

Also, I'd like to know how to enter values directly with the numeric keypad, instead of scrolling painfully with the mouse until you get more or less what you want by zooming in/out and resizing the windows. I see how to enter note pitch and velocity but that's about it. How about note starts and ends, pitch bend, after touch and modulation positions and values, etc.?


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answered Mar 16, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,870 points)
To add an automation lane for CC2, in the Edit screen click on the "..." that's just to the left of "velocity." In the right panel scroll down to CC2, highlight it and click "Add" in the middle column. Add all the CC's you want and close it.

You can use the draw tool to manually put where you want the CC changes to take place, and if you right click on the dot you can type in the value at the top of the popup.