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asked Mar 19 in Studio One 5 by pooyakh (690 points)
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I updated the Studio One 5.2, and I realized that there are a number of problems that I need to report:

  1. LOUD POPPING SOUND: This problem existed in previous versions of Studio One and it is not fixed yet. When exporting a mixdown, there will be a loud popping sound at the beginning of some of the exported tracks. It is regardless of the format of the file, exporting for a mastering project session, or elsewhere. 
  2. RENAMING CHANNEL IN MIXER: I am using two displays, one for the main window and another one for the mixing console. Since I upgraded to Studio One 5.2, after switching between the mixing console and main window a couple of times, it is not possible to rename a channel name in the mixing console. I can click on the channel name and highlight the text but when I want to enter the text, my computer plays the error alert sound as if there is an error window opened. I have to close the mixing console and re-open it to fix this issue until it happens again.


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answered Mar 27 by guillaumelanglais (1,940 points)
Hello, i have the problem of rename too. And many friends have the same bug.

The problem come after add a bus or VCA...

The keyboard is active on the arrangement window after those operations.

I close the mixer and reopen it, then, I can write again.
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answered Apr 10 by garywhite4 (360 points)
Yep, same problem here - and lots of others mentioning this.! This is a serious bug which is dangerous if you have a fast workflow...

The keyboard somehow loses control of the active window - whether mixer or editor window, so basically key commands are carried out in the background (ie, the arrange window) even when the mixer or edit window is active. Mouse works fine, but key commands don't.

This means that a simple mouse selection of notes in the EDIT window, or God forbid, a 'select all' command followed by 'delete' key selects all and deletes all items in the ARRANGE window (which could be invisible behind the edit window!!!). DANGEROUS! Also, if you are like me - very quick with key commands as part of your workflow, you could be carrying out a sequence of key commands in the background before you realise what's happening and it becomes difficult to re-trace your steps, not to mention EXTREMELY ANNOYING!

Closing windows and re-opening will remedy, but not for long - it comes back over and over during a session.

PLEASE, Presonus sort this out. I don't get how an update makes the software worse??

Mac pro Mid 2010, 12 core 2.66GHz, Mojave 10.14.6, Studio One Pro 5.2, two monitors.