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Windows 10 20H2 and Studio One - Message "We're sorry - Studio One quit unexpectedly" during start.

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asked Mar 20, 2021 in Studio One 5 by manfredweber (180 points)
After update of Win10 to Version 20H2 and Studio One to, Studio One starts with error message and shows a Studio One Safety Window -> "We're sorry. Studio One quit unexpectedly" during program start.

It shows 2 options to start SOne -> Start normally or Start with options. Whatever I choose, I can work a while in Studio One but at some point it will freeze.

Anyone knows what is going on ???

Thank you so much for help,

Manfred Weber

9 Answers

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answered Apr 5, 2021 by denniswestbrook (190 points)
This is not an answer but rather confirmation of the issue and an additional question.

I'm having the exact same problem. I ran the update today and Studio One crashed the first time I started the program after the update. This problem is repeatable. I too am on Windows 10 Version 20H2. My audio interfaces are Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt interfaces. All system updates and drivers are current.

Question: Is there a way to roll back the update without reinstalling Studio One?
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answered Apr 5, 2021 by alexarcher (140 points)
Don't know what it is but I have the exact same problem. I was able to work it out first. But since this morning, I have only a few sessions working. All the others can't even play a sound. Everytime I close a session to go in another one, my app closes and restart with the message. Seems like a Windows Audio issue. I'm using a 3rd gen USB-C Focusrite Audio Interface. I had no problems before the update.
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answered Apr 17, 2021 by FernandoJimenez (170 points)
I have the same problem, though it doesn't freeze after working with it for some time.

But if I shut it down, for whatever the reason, and then some minutes (or hours) later I try to start it again, then I get the message "another instance of Studio One is running". Then I have to get into the task manager, look for it and stop it. Then I can start it again. It's quite annoying.
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answered May 9, 2021 by vladimirtsachev (160 points)
I've got the same problem.Also since I have installed Studio One 5 I expirience blue window and restarting of the windows,very often
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answered Jul 29, 2021 by marklewis17 (160 points)
I don't have a solution but wanted to confirm that I am seeing the exact same behavior using the same versions of Studio One and Windows.
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answered Aug 1, 2021 by petemiles1 (180 points)

Also not an answer, but wanted to add my name to the list. Every time I start S1, I get the "We're sorry. Studio One quit unexpectedly". I can select "Start Normally" and everything appears to be fine. Also using Win 10 20H2 and S1 ver. Win x64

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answered Aug 23, 2021 by nicolasbonnard (140 points)
Not an answer but same thing... does anyone have an answer? And recently a big crash after windows last update, had to re install everything. Hello Presonus?
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answered Sep 6, 2021 by fabiobaroncelli1 (140 points)
On windows, when the message pop up, just click on the link indicated on the left side (for me C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus). The folder open up and then remove all the *.dmp files (maybe save them previously on a different location just for safety). For me it worked.
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answered Sep 19, 2021 by russellharper (230 points)
Was this solved for anyone? I'm experiencing the same issue on a newly setup Windows 10 20H2 laptop with a fresh install of Studio One I checked the appdata location but do not see any .dmp files to remove.