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Studio One Pro v 3.5.2 bugs

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asked Oct 13, 2017 in Studio One 3 by toddzimmerman (1,140 points)
After updating to Studio One v 3.5.2 +, I have noticed a lot of issues, which seem primarily to effect existing sessions from v. 3.5 and earlier.  The master fader track is missing from the arranger window, and is not available in the 'show / hide' side bar.  There seems to be no command to make new master bus or 'show in arranger'.  The copy and paste function does not work for automation. Some FX channels appear as Bus channels when opening sessions.  The effects presets I have saved, including new 'default' presets, have reverted back to Presonus defaults.  This includes presets I had made after updating to v. 3.5.2, So I can only assume that some aspect of some session files is not being updated and is referencing some previous version?  In my Projects, the 'update mater file' works inconsistently, and the 'apply all meta data' function only works if enter the data in the first track.  Is there some way to force Studio One to rebuild all of it's support files.

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answered Oct 16, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,950 points)
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When you load presets into Studio One, they are loaded from your Documents>Studio One>Presets folder by default.  You may want to verify that there is a "presets" folder in your user data folder which is defined under Studio One>Options>Locations>User Data.

If you would like to remove the settings files from Studio One, here are instructions:

  1. Go to Help>Open Settings folder.

  2. Copy the contents of the folder over to a folder on your desktop.

  3. Close S1 and delete the contents of the settings folder with the exception of the user.license file as well as the "Extensions" folder.

  4. Open S1 and go to Studio One>Options (Preferences on a Mac) to reconfigure your settings.

  5. Test to see if the problem is resolved. If it is not, please feel free to copy your settings files back over from the backup that you created in step 2.

*If you are missing presets or Sound Sets after doing this, simply double-click one of your Sound Sets under Documents>Studio One>Sound Sets.

If the problems persist, please try uninstalling and re-installing Studio One.  Make sure that you download a new installer from within your account.  If you still have any problems, please feel free to submit a support ticket from within your account.

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answered Oct 17, 2017 by toddzimmerman (1,140 points)
This is an update to the question, which may be helpful to others having this problem.  When updating Songs and Projects from files from Studio One 3.2 and earlier has caused issues stated above.  The answer provided by Presonus had no effect on the issues.  However I have found out some information.  FX channels from pre 3.5 songs, appear as bus channels, so you need to create new FX channels and copy the plug-ins to the new FX channel and reassign your sends to the new FX channels.  The Master bus disappears from the Tracks window, but remains in the Mix window.  If you right click on the volume meter in the Master bus, you get the "Edit Volume Automation" option, by clicking that, the Master bus is restored to the Tracks window.  The missing preset issue seems to have something to do with my having VST and Audio Units versions of some plug-ins.  When I turn off the VST versions the presets are properly recalled.  I do think that dumping the selected support files as Presonus suggested did seem to have corrected the "Update Master File" issue.