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OpenAir causing digital clipping

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asked Mar 29, 2021 in Studio One 5 by markknutson (150 points)
New user to studio one 5.2. I have tried openair convolution reverb and am noticing some unexpected behavior. First of all, I load an impulse--when the mix is set to 100%, it generates a signal that has some digital clipping. I am able to cure this by turning down the output gain a bit, but it seems odd that this should be needed. I also note that with 64 bit internal processing, I am surprised that there is clipping of any sort inside the mixer.

In a similar vein, I note that some of the impulse responses lead to a louder signal than others, for instance the 'large chamber' room, creates a signal that is clipping even at the mix percent set to 21%, and the output is noticeably louder than some other presets. I have not observed this behavior in other convolution reverbs, for instance, waves ir1 and h-reverb exhibit no gain changing behavior as the wet/dry ratio changes, nor with different impulse files. Any information on this topic is much appreciated. thanks.

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