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Studio One freeze when I touch Windows taskbar

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asked Apr 3 in Studio One 5 by sebastiensimard3 (180 points)

Hi, I'm trying to fix my brother's studio one which keeps freezing when another window is focused or when I touch taskbar.
Old forum threads from 2012 ain't helping.

All I did is this: Open task manager so to check how much ram was used by Studio One when pressing olay, but the thing is Play won't ever move because the window is frozen. It takes forever to unfreeze. So I closed task manager and realized that it's afocus problem because it keeps happening even when just touching the taskbar. 

I tried to do this but it's outdatyed. PreSonus Forums | S1 stops playing when i click in a nother window ;-( | Studio One Forum Community Support

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answered Apr 3 by sebastiensimard3 (180 points)
Nevermind, found the checkbox in a different place than the tut

Found what I was looning for in "Studio One > Configuration Audio > Périphérique Audio > Libérer l'interface Audio en Arrière Plan. I would have spelled that English but translated softwares never delivers original language text.