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A simple workflow to export stems (audio and busses) through my entire mix chain.

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asked Apr 12, 2021 in Mixing by michaelvanzyl (310 points)
This feature is already possible in the export stems tab if you select "tracks" as your source.  But I can't render busses.  I want to be able to select my drum bus, my bass bus, my rythm guitar bus, my guitar solo as an audio track, piano as an audio track, lead vocal bus and backing vocal bus, rendered all as if they were soloed with all effects and routing included.  I know this will take long but I don't mind.

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answered Apr 12, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,880 points)
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answered Jan 27, 2022 by studioj (1,960 points)
Another limitation here it seems is that if you select tracks, it can only process each individual track, you can NOT for instance select a packed folder for combining some tracks into one stem. That would be useful here so one could pack all their string tracks into a folder, and then export it as a single stem. If you use the channel selection, and select your Strings Bus, then the sends are not exported etc as you mentioned, which I'm not quite sure why that is, maybe just a check box for "include solo safed sends" would do it. And channel exports don't feed through the mains processing like you mention as well. some improvements / refining needed here! but its a good start.