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export stems vs. clipping

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asked Oct 21, 2022 in Mastering by frankliebe (160 points)
edited Oct 21, 2022 by frankliebe
I would request an feature for the "EXPORT STEMS" process:

currently you export your song-stems and if you have not clipping-spots/ranges all is fine, but i during export to stems the exporter noticed clipping it counts the amount of clipping sports/ranges and at end of the export process you get the "report" of the issues in an textarea.  that text can not copied to clipboard of windows - that is an issue for me so I had to do an screenshot of that report to solve that issues on the tracks.

that is what I request for future:

1. I like to have an button called for example "quick-fix of issues" : fix clipping-tracks by reducing the track-volumes by amount of noticed clipping db-amount.

2. another button "copy report to clipboard" : copies the report-text to the windows-clipboard.

to have that feature(s) in every export would be complete consistent of perfection.

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