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set notion 6 note velocity

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asked Apr 12, 2021 in Notion Feature Requests by johnwaylett (1,010 points)
I am asking for an absolute note velocity command in the Rules Editor. This is to enable the portamento feature that most modern VSTi's offer with their legato violin patches. These are long patches and note velocity has no effect on their volume as it does for  short patches like staccato. There are three independent signals - CC11 (expression which is pure volume as a percent of channel master volume), CC1 (modulation which enables cross fading across different samples of the same instrument taken at 3-4 different volume levels .. often PP, MP and F to capture timbre variance with volume) and note velocity which every single note has. In midi they all are set independently of one another and sent to the VSTi. Users need to be able to set note velocity to specific level (between 1 and 19 for my BBCSO violin legato patch) for the portamento feature to work. Currently, the only note velocity commands available in the Rules Editor are ones like <velocity-change bump="20" /> or <velocity-change bump="-10" /> which set the note velocity relative to the current song dynamic. So if the dynamic is "P", I need to set the Rules Editor note velocity command to <velocity-change bump="-50" /> in order o achieve a note velocity of 10 to trigger portamento. What if the dynamic had been "fff"? Then I am SOL because if "fff" is 120, the command <velocity-change bump="-50" /> buried in my .prules file being used will result in a note velocity of 70 which is way out of line with the required range of 1 to 19 to trigger portamento. We need an absolute note velocity command such as velocity = 10. This is an absolute setting, not one that is relative to the current dynamic being used in the compositon. Having this feature would enable all users to easily use and enjoy the portament feature of their VSTi Violin legato patches.

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