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More precise Legato/Overlap and velocity drawing

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asked Oct 5, 2022 in MIDI Editing by jackiegu (380 points)

Can we have both mono and poly mode for the overlap editing? When I am editing on Piano with chords, I often want notes at different pitch to overlap, but not notes on the same pitch, in this situation a "mono" delete overlap would be useful. This feature is in Cubase.

Can we also have a "multi choice area" when editing multiple midi's velocity? this is also in Cubase: what it dose basically is when you select multiple midi notes in the piano roll, the velocity of those midi notes lights up in a gray rectangle. 

  • - If you click on either top lift or top right of the rectangle, it act as a line pencil tool for crescendo and decrescendo
  • - when you click at exact top-center. it act as a scale tool, so you can decrease or increase the velocity of those midi while maintaining the scale or ratio between each note. 
  • - If you click on middle right, now it act as a "scale at center" tool, what it dose is like compressor/expander effect. if you drag down, notes with velocity lower than the middle value will be increased, and notes with velocity higher than the middle value will decrease, so the difference between loud and quiet decrease (so the quiet get quieter and loud gets louder). if you drag down, vise versa, the difference in velocity will increase

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