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Using an external crossover as an effect on Presonus Studiolive 16 Series III

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asked Apr 18 in StudioLive Series III by johngiraldi (130 points)
Has anyone used a 2-way crossover as an "effect" on a Series III for live sound?

Right now I'm sending the "mains" output of an NSB into a 2-way crossover and then to the power amps. I'm having trouble controlling the volume on the subs from the board using an EQ on the mains. What I might try is to send the stereo mix to the Series III analog outputs into the x-over and then return the 4 signals back into the board and then route those 4 signals with a digital patch to 4 of the AVB outputs on the NSB. I think I could link the 2 sub signals together and the 2 mid/high signals together so that I could control this new "mains" with 2 faders.  Since I use the Series III for live sound I don't think I really need a stereo crossover. Please comment if anyone has any experience using a 2-way crossover as an outboard effect so as to control the subs and mid/highs from the board.

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