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How to combine 2 AUDIO tracks into one

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asked Apr 29 in Studio One 5 by hannahblanchard (130 points)
I'm trying to combine two audio tracks on top of each other to create one track. How do I do this? I've already merged all of my events in each individual track and now just want to combine them into one to simplify my work space. Is this possible? When I drag one on top of the other, I can only hear one of the tracks, not both at the same time (even though both were unmuted.) Help! Thanks! :)

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answered Apr 30 by federicobreno (170 points)
Bro bus them together, then click Ctrl + Shift + E and render the bus track only. At this point drag the stem into the session.
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answered May 1 by tothrec (19,990 points)
You may also try:

1. select all of the events for the two (or more) tracks

2. Track/Mixdown selection