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More than one midi controller to control the vst parameters of a plugin

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asked Apr 9, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by ardierrakotoarivony (1,170 points)
edited Apr 9, 2021 by ardierrakotoarivony
I would like to combine more than one midi controller to control vst parameter of one plugin, could you please ,when a vst plugin has the focus, make more than one choice active in the controller list?

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answered Apr 10, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,350 points)
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answered Sep 12, 2021 by davidschultz2 (520 points)
This, combined with the lack of MID LFOs, may make me stop using Studio One. It's ridiculous limitations like these that are so frustrating. If there was a built-in MIDI LFO like so many other DAWs, then this wouldn't be as much of an issue. I thought "Oh, no built-in LFO, I'll use my iPhone LFO tools" - except you also are limited to a single MIDI input per track in Studio One, unlike other DAWs (I'm coming from Waveform, which has 4 MIDI inputs per track, so I can combine a MIDI keyboard, my iPhone, and iPad, etc.).