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Importing stems from cakewalk adds bars to the beginning of track

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asked Apr 30 in Studio One 5 by davegill (200 points)
Hey folks!

I'm moving from Cakewalk to S1.5   I dragged files over, all start at 1. All the tracks I Imported into cakewalk originally lined up, the ones I recorded live didn't.... even though they all start at 1. It's like 5 bars were added to all the drum tracks! The tempos match, there's no editing on the drum tracks etc. I have a bunch of songs that need to be moved over and I'm wondering if there's something that I'm missing....



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answered May 1 by tothrec (19,670 points)
A stem is just a WAV file.  Studio One doesn't know/care if it was exported from Cakewalk, Pro Tools or another Studio One project.

Do you have time stretching enabled on those drum tracks by any chance?
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answered May 1 by davegill (200 points)
No, time stretching wasn't enabled. The weird thing is that I was able to import the drums but I used a different cakewalk session that had the same drum tracks. I have no idea why it worked or why it didn't. The rest of the songs I setup went just fine. While this program is different, I am getting used to it and taking advantage of some of the features......