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Can the Splitter Tool Be Revised To Maintain Consist Volume With Third Party Plugins (i.e. Waves Audio Plugins)?

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asked Dec 17, 2021 in Studio One 5 by (2,790 points)

The idea of having fully functional and consistent use of the “Splitter” tool, without regard to whether I’m using a stock or third-party plug-in, was one of the deciding factors for my decision to purchase and stick with Studio One. I currently use Studio One 5. The stock effects that come with Studio One are really great. I also use third party effects from time to time. I would like to get away from using FX channels, but I have found that when I use the “Splitter” effect with third party effects, the “Splitter” lowers the summed overall output signal fed to anything after it from the channel I am working on. Even when audio levels on either side of the split are left at zero, which should ultimately yield a louder signal as a result, this still seems to happen. It isn’t an issue when using stock Studio One plug-ins, but it has always been an issue when incorporating plug-ins from other manufactures like Waves Audio with the “Splitter” tool.

For example, when I alternatively A.) assign the output of a “dry” audio channel (with no effects) to B.) the input of a “dry” audio bus with no effects, then C.) add a “wet” FX send WITH an inserted audio effect routed from the “dry” audio channel, and D.) assign the audio output of the “wet” FX send WITH an inserted audio to the “dry” audio to a bus - the resulting overall audio level will be louder than the original “dry” audio channel, as it should be. I am not currently able to get the same audio result when using the “Splitter”.  The resulting summed audio signal is quieter. There is also no way to bypass the insert effects assigned to the “Splitter” and quickly A/B the audio before and after “Splitter” has been applied.  More on that in a separate request:

Regarding this request - I tend to record my levels low enough that I have plenty of head room for subsequent effects without changing their input or output gain. When needed, I also maintain my signal levels with effective use of gain staging throughout my signal chain. Having the sum volume lowered, should I choose to use third party effects, when using the “Splitter” tool, tends to slow my productivity when mixing.  

As mentioned above, I do have an alternative effect routing option, but is counterintuitive compared to the essential function of the “Splitter” tool, overall mixing process, and why I bought into Studio One. This is especially counterintuitive when attempting to incorporate the “Splitter” as part of the Studio One mastering process with third party effects.

I’m hoping this is something that can be resolved in a future update. If the “Splitter” had these option(s), it would greatly simplify my mixing/mastering workflows, increase my productivity, and yield faster and more consistently desirable results. It would also be a strong talking/selling point that would boost credibility when others are considering making the switch to Studio One from their current DAW.  Forums like discuss things pros and cons of various DAWs all the time. I still think Studio One is the best DAW. Revising this feature to include more consistent third-party plug-in compatibility would make my stance even more apparent.

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