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Why is the sustain pedal not working in studio one

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asked Mar 18, 2016 in Studio One 3 by ericwilkes (140 points)
I have a UMX 610 midi controller with a M-Audio sustain pedal. They both work fine in garage band. When I use studio one the sustain pedal doesn't work. I've tried reconnecting the pedal and midi controller. I've tried different pairing of midi send settings in preferences. I've tried selecting sustain in the automation additions in the instrument settings. None of these have worked. I think it's pretty strange for something so elementary to be so difficult to figure out. I hope this isnt an indication of how difficult it will be using and navigating the rest of the program.

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answered Jul 2, 2016 by rgbierwirth (150 points)
Windows 7, Studio One v3, Similar Problem with my Roland A-88. No Sustain Pedal, Expression Pedal or tone bending/modulation stick. The keyboard does play the instruments, just no MIDI Peripherals function. I do and F3, go to External tab and at the top left of the screen after doing a MIDI Learn I can see my pedals all working as I select each one, I can see their names and changing values as I move them.  they just have no effect with any of the midi samples in the virtual instruments. My Keyboard driver is correctly loaded and functions perfect in Cakewalk Sonar and in ProTools 10.  I opend a support request to them and I have submitted my machine profile report to tech support. When we solve the probelm I'll post on here the solution. If you figure it out first let the world know.  I'm suspecting they may have a bug and may need to write a patch in the code?
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answered Jul 28, 2017 by escuelamusicadigital (180 points)
Uncheck "Controller" filter on MIDI device settings inside Studio One.