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Ampire is missing from S1 ver 4.5.5 or 4.5.0 , where did it go???

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asked Feb 22, 2021 in Studio One 5 by chrisdepalma (820 points)
I had to get a new computer with Win10 in order to use S1 ver 5, but I still wanna keep ver 4.5 with the original Ampire cause I have a ton of tunes that use it. I downloaded and installed ver 4.5.5 but no Ampire at all, as well as no Tuner. I think there were also some other missing instruments, but I didn't check which ones. So I then tried downloading and installing ver 4.5.0 thinking maybe the main upgrade had everything and subsequent updates only had the changed parts of the software. But it's missing Ampire and others, also. How do I get the original complete S1 4.5.5 so I can have it as well as ver 5 for future song development?

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