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Did something happen to Studio One 4.6.2?

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asked May 11, 2021 in Studio One 4 by dixietaylor (240 points)
Something happened to my Studio One 4.6.  When I went to log in, it acted like I was a first time user- asking if I agreed to things.  Then it SLOWLY went through all of my plug ins.  Then the Front page where the RECENT SONGS are listed was blank, or populated by songs I did 2 years ago.  So I have had to go to my external hard drive to open the songs.  Today I opened up a new project.  And the troubles began.  When I went to edit, and hit the spacebar, nothing happened.  The play bar doesn't stop, and when it stops, it just stopw in place, and does not go back to the last position.  When I hit the "0" on the number pad, then it goes back to the last position, and if I hit it twice, it goes back to the beginning.  When I went to lower the volume of a section, there is no little white box at the top to grab and lower the volume of that section.  When I trigger the cutting tool, it sporatically works.  When I click inside of a cut portion of a track, it does not highlight the track.  "G" does not work at all to glue a track back together after cuts and edits are made.  The space bar does not stop recording, either, like it used to.  And when I save a song file, Studio One is saving it to C:, not E:, my external hard drive.  And so I decided to look around- and Studiio One now only looks for my plug ins and libraries on the C: drive- when most of them are on the E; external hard drive.  What is up?  Is there any way to undo the damage which has been done?  How do I get my Studio One 4.6 to work like it used to?  And I haven't yet tried to use Melodyne....

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