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Stereo (LR), Inverse Stereo (RL), Mono, Left or Right as Console channel input.

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asked May 10, 2021 in Mixing by rodericmege (330 points)
edited May 10, 2021 by rodericmege

This feature is really a time saver and quick to implement :

Example of application : When receiving files from a Ableton Live customer, all export files are stereo. I'd like to receive mono files for mono instruments like bass, vocal, snare or else... In Logic Pro, I just need to choose Left, right or mono from the stereo file to do it instantly. In the left or right option, the other side is simply discarded. This is great because I don't need to split the files in mono and loose my mix concentration... This is a huge improvement !

I could cite a lot of other examples, here...

Options for the input of a channel from a stereo file or stereo routing (buss or fx) :
Already implemented (need to also implement it in busses or fx) :
- Stereo (left & right)
- Mono (L+R and the channel becomes mono)
Missing for me :
- Inverse Stereo (right and left)
- Left (L only and the channel becomes mono)
- Right (R only and the channel becomes mono)

(Note that the first letter are unique : S, M, I, L and R)

It would be great to be able to do this also from a multichannel file ! Ask for my help if needed...  ;-)
I'm from Logic Pro and this feature is just stellar ! Thanks !   :-)

Icon idea for new channel input options

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