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Can the PreSonus 3.5" Eris Series Monitors be used as left or right monitors interchangeably?

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asked Mar 29, 2021 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by colehughes (120 points)
I got a pair of the PreSonus 3.5in Eris Series monitors. I've installed them and they work great. But given the specific positioning of my PC and power outlets, I am forced to put the monitor with the power switch (and all the other buttons/ports) on my right side. Is this monitor meant to be used on the left? Or does it matter? And if it is meant to be placed on my left side, can I configure it where it can be used as a right side monitor? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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answered Apr 1, 2021 by vasilykorytov (11,560 points)
just reverse the inputs (rca or 1/4" jacks; connect right to left and vice versa) and you're good to go.

the speakers seem symmetrical, so reversing them should be straightforward.