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Option to automatically disable loop when no event or range is selected and "Loop Follows Playback" in enabled

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asked May 12, 2021 in Recording by colliderman (770 points)
When Loop Follows Playback is enabled, the loop will follow any selected event or range on the timeline, which is great. But, if I click into empty space deselect an event or range and locate the cursor, the loop persists in the last selected place. This causes two problems:

1) Locating the cursor/playhead further back in the timeline to start playback often results in suddenly and unintentionally entering into a loop from your previous event selection. If you're placing the cursor/playhead somewhere intentionally in the timeline you most likely don't want your previous loop selection to persist.

2) An even bigger problem happens when you begin recording, make a mistake, stop recording and then press undo. A loop selection is created and persists over the now undone event, so as soon as you start recording again you get an unintentional loop starting where you previous mistake ended.

In my opinion this should always be the behaviour whenever "Loop Follows Selection" is enabled. The Loop should also follow when there's no selection ie. no loop.

It'd be great to at least have the option to have the loop automatically disable when no event or range is selected.

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answered Aug 19, 2021 by quanyeomans1 (1,650 points)
Yes! Auto Loop selection by region is great but in record mode the fact that loop selected region automatically targets the newly recorded region is a nightmare!