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Range Tool - Automatically "Create Range on Track" on click event

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asked May 1 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by samirelborno (8,390 points)
edited May 1 by samirelborno

Could you please for a faster editing workflow turn a two step process into one?

Right now one has to

  1. select one or multiple event(s)
  2. trigger "Create Ranges on Tracks"

to turn an event selection into a range selection

I would like to suggest to enable an option where one can

  1. select one or multiple event(s) which triggers "Create Ranges on Tracks"

Also depending on the setting "Automation follows events" "Create Ranges on Tracks" should only

  • draw a range on the track lane if disabled
  • draw a range on track lane and automation sub tracks if enabled

Here is the Pro tools example of auto "Create Ranges on Tracks"

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